If that very famous beer company was offering you a job..... It would probably be the best job in the world!

  1. Does your life revolve around your current job?
  2. Do you have to ask for holiday entitlement months in advance to be told you will not be guaranteed you will get the exact days you want?
  3. Do you work very long hours?
  4. Are you told what hours you have to work?
  5. Are you currently in a work situation where you are not appreciated for your efforts?
  6. Are the prospects of promotion very slim?
  7. Do you have / need a job because you need the money?

We are pretty confident that most people could answer ‘Yes’ to at least one of the questions above and therefore you might be interested in reading on. But for those of you who are lucky enough to be financially free, we say enjoy it, live is for living!

Although the link to this page currently says ‘jobs’ this may have been misleading. As most people usually associate a job with employment, we want to make this clear from the beginning. izudoo do not currently have any ‘Job’ vacancies available but when we do, we hope you apply for the ‘job’ with us because you ‘want to’ and not just because you ‘need’ the money!

Hmmm at this stage we are sensing there is quite a lot of confusion so let us explain what we are talking about. At izudoo we aim to provide work opportunities instead of traditional jobs, where you should view this opportunity as the chance to start your own business in partnership with izudoo.

izudoo is a privately owned company and therefore are main goal is not to make the most profit we possibly can to feed ungrateful shareholders. We see our people partners as being our number one asset and therefore we believe that by providing them with the tools and training to enhance their lives, this will be reflected in the quality of customer service each and everyone of our customers receive.

We are currently looking for potential people partners in the City of Derry / Londonderry who will be trained as independent izudoo account executives (IAE) where the work will involve both sales and customer service.

Each person accepted to become an izudoo work partner will be known as a trainee IAE and will be assigned an experienced mentor. The trainee IAE will shadow their mentor until they feel comfortable to do the work themselves where training will also involve independent study.

As an IAE you will be paid a monthly commission up to 40 percent of the revenue generated by your client base. In return you will be required to provide full customer service and support for each of your clients as well as participating in the izudoo community on

The aim of the company in developing izudoo work partners is to provide you with an opportunity to start you own business but with the support and training to guarantee your success. It is essential that in the beginning you are available to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. Our target is to help each IAE reach a monthly commission of £1,000 per month within six months of starting their training and there will be no maximum earnings potential.

This is not a pyramid marketing scheme and you will never be required to recruit new IAE’s nor is there any financial outlay required. This opportunity will obviously not interest everyone and therefore we thank you for your time thus far, all that we ask is that if you think this opportunity might interest someone you know, please direct them to our website.

At izudoo we believe sales skills can be taught so do not worry if you have no previous experience in sales, the most important characteristic you MUST poses is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!

In your everyday life, both personal and work, would you say that the majority of time you:

  1. Believe that no matter what happens you can make it work?
  2. Look for the best outcome and expect to win?
  3. Look on the bright side, seeing what might lead to a positive result and not a negative one?

If you can honestly answer yes to the previous three questions, you have a passion for providing excellent customer service and you are seriously interested in working with izudoo then we would like to hear from you. Please send an email opening with the words:

‘If I was given an amazing opportunity to start my own business, I would go out of my way to ensure that I provided my new clients with the highest level of customer service by....’

Please complete in strictly no more than 500 words.

Let us be clear, this is the starting point for anyone looking to begin a working partnership with izudoo, there will be no exceptions. After we have read your email we will get back to you as soon as possible.